Het Liedeken draws its origin from a ceremonial song, sung by the printers from the famous Plantin-Moretus Press, founded in the 16th century by Christophe Plantin in Antwerp, Belgium. The printing workshop played a profound role in Europeans book printing trade until 17th century. When entering the printing guild the new journeymen celebrated together with their Godfathers and adjured their commitment by singing this very song. One of their requests in the lyrics is a good treatment and a fair payment to assure a proper quality of their work—demands which still have a relevant dimension.

Today only the lyrics of this song remain whereas the melody is lost. To bring the song back to live I worked together with a group of employees from the Plantin-Archives which is located in the historic house in Antwerp. Each person was asked to sing the song with a melody and tone they imagine. By this various interpretations of the same song were created. I arranged the single recordings to a mixed canon, re-creating a version of the ceremonial song but from four different perspectives.

in order of appearance and many thanks to: Werner Van Hoof (curator historic house), Kris Geysen (cataloger of rare books), Pierre Meulepas (assistant) and Elke Van Herck (conservator-restorer of paper and books)

Het Liedeken • 4-channel sound installation • length: various
installation view: No Reading, no Cry! Open Graphic Art Studio/Museum of the City of Skopje, MAC