Bless this mess – an acoustic portrait of a space • 2.0 sound composition • length: 13' 16" • it should be played out loud (no headphones!)
image: playback at Museum Insel Hombroich, DE

The piece addresses contextual acoustics, expressing a notion of ‘place’ that is constructed by frequency interdependencies. Bless this mess contains short audible statements and contributions by several people connected to a special room, called SPEELPLAATS [playground], located in a former radio diffusion station built in 1937, in Arnhem, the Netherlands. It was recorded on-site. Based on Alvin Lucier’s I am sitting in a room, a technique to render or transfer the characteristics of one room in another one, I played the recording back into SPEELPLAATS. The signal went through the air, again and again. Slightly smoothed out every concrete sounds, but reinforced the natural resonance frequencies of the room.