Urbirds singing the Sonata • 6-channel sound composition • length: 32' 39" • many thanks to Thomas Grill
installation view: University for Applied Arts, Vienna, AT / 6.0 installation

There has never been a full agreement as to what were the key influences on Kurt Schwitters when he was preparing his sound poem Ursonate (1922–1932). There is one myth that claims he was inspired by bird sounds.
I strongly believe this to be true and bring the birds their Ursonate back, their primordial song. Urbirds singing the Sonata narrate what Kurt Schwitters might have heard when he wrote the poem.

TONSPUR #41, Schlossplatz Berlin/Mitte, DE
8.0 installation in the bench line, photo: Frank Paul

Un hombre habla en el bosque, MACBA Santiago de Chile, CL
2.0 installation

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Cd-edition: cardboard-box with booklet • length: 32' 39" • 2nd edition: 100 (numbered) • publisher: Mark Pezinger Verlag • €22 (buy online)